Welcome to Mossy Rock Co.

I grew up a country girl who loved laying in the tall grass by the creek, looking up into the sky dreaming. I spent hours outside riding my bike, playing with my dog, picking dandelion bouquets, gathering delicious strawberries along the country gravel road, and helping my mom in the garden. I loved being outdoors—the outdoors grounded me.

Fast forward to today where I find myself working long hours, meeting the end of the day still filled with endless to-do lists, emails, and an empty fridge when I come home from work.

I long for those simpler days and soothing quiet spaces in my life.

At the end of most days, I take my dog down to the river to play a good game of catch. She absolutely loves to swim! In a matter of seconds, she transforms into a 4-year-old dog without any arthritis or lack of stamina. Watching her delve into play mode helps me let go of all my stress from the day and just enjoy the moment.

This is where I dream again, just like I did when I was a little girl. I dream of helping people in a different way to relieve their stress, anxieties and pain...

I have found many medicinal herbs and essential oils that have helped me stay healthy and balanced. I also find calmness in the journey of learning and creating—so after many years of experimenting, discovering and creating blends and balms with essential oils, CBD, and other nourishing herbs, I am excited to launch Mossy Rock Co., a line of thoughtfully crafted CBD products to nourish, heal, and connect people to nature.

Welcome to the Mossy Rock Co. community.