We LOVE Oregon and everything it has to offer.

From it's majestic mountains, awesome waterfalls, open wide spaces, high desert lands, to its pristine coastal beaches. It's variety and beauty just never gets old or ceases to amaze us.


It's people are as diverse as it's countryside and add much flavor and interest to life. In Portland you will see signs that say "Keep Oregon Weird" and in Eugene and Pendleton signs that say "Be Kind".

One of the best things coming out of Oregon is it's cannabis. Our cannabis is grown in the fertile valleys of southern Oregon under the sun and lovingly attended to farmers who have been growing it for generations.


Historically we are healthcare providers. In our times we have seen Western Healthcare fail many people. With our current opioid crisis and regulations made around that we have seen many innocent patients denied much needed pain relief medications. We see cannabis as providing a healthy alternative without the side effects that current pharmaceuticals often have.  


Cannabis has a reliable and scientifically documented medicinal history. Many US pharmaceutical companies have been doing research in Israel for over 50 years on this amazing and controversial plant.

We believe there is a great need today for a healthy and healing alternative. 

With a passion for utilizing high quality hemp products as a healthy alternative for wellness and healing, we are committed to creating natural and potent high CBD products.

Oregon Hemp

All of our hemp is grown, harvested, processed, and crafted in Oregon.  We choose farmers who grow hemp in the sun using organic practices that 

protect the environment and produce healthy hemp.

full-spectrum Hemp extract

Full-spectrum extract enhances the therapeutic effects of the CBD.  We use the flower of the plant,
not the stalks and stems, as the cannabinoids are concentrated in the flower.

3rd Party


All of our hemp extracts and final products are tested by a third party to ensure they are clean.  Final products
are tested for potency to ensure you are getting what the label says

Quality + Safe!

All of our hemp extracts

are processed using a supercritical CO2 technique. Our quality ingredients are chosen for for their restorative effects and that will compliment the effects of CBD.

Pesticide Free

All of our hemp is grown using organic practices and undergoes vigorous lab testing for molds, insecticides,
pesticides, and solvents.  

Our  Products

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Where to Find Us!



Explore our popular THC cannabis topical line CannaFusion! 

Nestled in the heart of southern Oregon cannabis country, we craft unique Cannabis topicals and effective THC/CBD  products in specific ratios to help manage inflammation/pain.


Available in over 30 dispensaries across OR!